Telemedicine Kit Brings Harvard Doctors to Gabon Villagers

The VSee Telemedicine Field Kit was created specially for our return trip to Gabon where we had previously deployed telemedicine for the Albert Schweitzer Hospital (HAS). The hospital has a program that allows them to go out to nearby villages to give immunizations. However, oftentimes these visits also end up being consultations for other conditions. Sometimes these visits will be at villages more than hour away by boat. For many villagers, this is the only chance they will have to see a doctor, especially children, where there may only one pediatrician in the area.

We knew this so VSee team designed the telemedicine kit to be lightweight, waterproof, and tough so nurses, interns, or humanitarian workers going to a village could simply toss the kit into the boat without worrying about anything getting broken or waterlogged.

VSee telemedicine kit ready to go

VSee kit in boat

Toss the VSee telemed kit into the boat and go!

VSee telemedicine also has native integration to medical devices, so you can send real-time medical images and readings from ultrasounds, dermascopes, otoscopes, stethoscopes, EKG monitors, or whatever device you need. Whether in an African rain forest or Southeast Asia jungle, VSee telemedicine lets you connect with doctors and specialists even if they are thousands of miles away, so patients can get the care they need.VSee telemedicine kit in Gabon jungle

VSee telemed kit probes

VSee telemedicine kit can be customized to include your choice of medical devices. Otoscopes and dermascopes can be as inexpensive as $500.

VSee telemedicine kit outdoors

The villages we went to are located along the Ogooué River. Most of these have no electricity and no Internet.VSee Gabon village visit child

VSee remote ultrasound village visit

VSee kit remote ultrasound

One of the villages we went to, called Junke, is about 40 minutes away from HAS by boat.  We went there so Dr. Kokou, a Gabonese pediatrician at the hospital, could do check-ups on the children in Junke. The VSee Telemedicine Kit allowed us to connect via BGAN satellite to Dr. Kokou, who is at the hospital IT lab. He is on a DSL connection.

VSee kit dermascope

Cheers and applause all around for the clear dermascope image

VSee suitcase stethoscope

the sound quality for the stethoscope is excellent, says Dr. Kokou

Back at HAS, Dr. Jean-Daniels had a teleconsultation with a Harvard Med maternal-fetal specialist, Dr. Rana Sarosh. The patient learned that her baby was a boy!

telemed consultation with Harvard MedVSee to connect Harvard to HAS

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  • becky
    Craig Ediger says:

    I am greatly encouraged to see technology and telehealth being used to help people who would not otherwise have that level of medical help. Very powerful. This is a wonderful application of technology to real world problems. Keep it up!
    Craig Ediger

  • becky
    Jack W. Moncrief says:

    Using VSee now it will expand medical delivery. Thanks

  • becky
    anne says:


  • becky
    Raymond KWOK says:

    Great;) We need more words of mouth and marketing to get the world to know VSee telemedicine can help and save life.
    I am sharing the youtube videos with IHIS and ICRC so that they know about VSee and how we help the less privilege folks who live in remote areas to be able to access good medical help.

  • becky
    anne says:

    Hi Raymond. Here is our playlist of VSee telemedicine videos:

  • becky
    CELSO RAMOS says:

    Parabéns a Vsee, pelo belo trabalho e implementação desta tecnologia, para comunidades carentes em países pobres.
    Eu quero implementar na minha região, moro no Brasil.

    Congratulations Vsee for job beautiful this tecnologies.

  • becky
    Michael Laing says:

    I am really excited over the prospect of treating patients in remote areas and can understand how valuable V-see could be. Genesis Total Patient Management is offering a comprehensive Asthma, Diabetes or PT/INR educational chronic care management program at Genesis TPM connects the patient, caregiver schools and anyone who is overseeing this patient, while allowing the patient to track their progress, access to charts, x-rays, scans, protocols, vitals and prescription management, and much more. I can see that V-See will bring a new very valuable component to our platform and hope to have it available in the near future.

  • becky
    MrPete says:

    Congratulations! It will be a pleasure to continue “talking you up” here and around the world. I could not be more pleased with how this has all developed…

    Many many blessings,
    Pete H

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