5 Business Strategies to Grow Your Telehealth Enterprise- Alex Guastella, Stride and Associates

How does a healthcare company go from 0 to 200 employees in under 3 years? Meet one of the former driving forces behind its go-to-market strategy and growth execution to learn how you can explode your telehealth enterprise. To carry on the discussion in real life, join the Telehealth Failures and Secrets to Success Conference!

  • common mistakes of digital health entrepreneurs
  • planning tips for your telehealth business
  • decision processes for allocating limited resources
  • what is missing in the true adoption of telehealth

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About the Speaker

Alex GuastellaAlex has spent 9 years building great companies in the digital consumer space. He has been instrumental in building companies like ZocDoc, Medullan, Quick’rCare and more. He is a specialist in digital offering strategies, team development, and venture capital. Alex has a deep passion for healthcare, AI, and efficiency products. He is driven to create the LIFE 3.0 experience in his next 9 years.


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  • admin
    Kathy says:

    I contacted ZocDoc for an application since I saw many types of clinicians listed and I received a public application and a response to my email asking about this that said”we are a business of setting up appointments for doctors” and that was it. This would be a good thing to mention in your blog, like what employees? I guess the vision of the business just wasn’t there.

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