5 Hottest Telemedicine Trends of 2017 — Logan Plaster and Mark Plaster MD JD, Telemedicine Magazine

Wearable devices. ER Telemedicine. Hot startups. What are the most important telemedicine issues and trends that could affect your bottom line? Is the market saturated? How do you position yourself to succeed in this exploding industry? Join #TFSS next Wed. As we speak with the co-founders of the Telemedicine Magazine – Logan Plaster and Mark Plaster, MD. This father and son dynamic duo will share insights fresh from SXSW as well as thoughts from Dr. Plaster on the Congressional campaign trail. With technology, regulations, and the healthcare market finally coming together to create “the perfect storm” for telemedicine, what’s the next big thing that will push us into the era of ubiquitous virtual care? To carry on the discussion, join the Telehealth Failures and Secrets to Success Conference!

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About the Speaker

logan-plasterLogan Plaster is a Co-Founder and the Editor-in-Chief of the Telemedicine Magazine. He has created, edited and designed healthcare publications since 2005. After redesigning and managing Emergency Physicians Monthly, he founded Emergency Physicians International in 2010, and then launched Telemedicine Magazine in 2015. Logan is the co-founder of The mHealth Toolbox, a project that brings practicing physicians into the conversation about innovative medical technology. Logan also serves as the Director of Communications for The IFEM Foundation, the leading non-profit supporting global emergency care development.

markMark L Plaster, MD, JD is a Co-Founder and the Executive Editor of the Telemedicine Magazine. Dr. Plaster has been an emergency physician for more than thirty years, working exclusively night shifts for the past twenty years in emergency departments across the country. During that period he joined the U.S. Navy and served two tours in Iraq. Dr. Plaster is the founder and executive editor of Emergency Physicians Monthly and the founder of M. L. Plaster Publishing Co.


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