Building Platforms to Drive Global Impact – Enabling Humankind’s Boldest Endeavors – Sean Knierim (Logitech / SidePorch)

Sean Knierim is working with Logitech and a diverse team of world class colleagues to launch a new organization focused on the future of human potential. Sean Knierim is co-founder and Partner at SidePorch, helping partners drive impact into core operations through strategy, evaluation and partnership development.  Sean is also CEO of Estabrook Investors, managing fund of funds portfolios and partnering with managers developing thoughtful approaches to measuring investments from traditional and impact related perspectives.  He serves on the board of Alliance for Peacebuilding.  Previously, Sean held executive positions at the MacArthur Foundation and Jeff Skoll Group along with time spent in higher and secondary education.  He holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from UNC-Chapel Hill and masters degrees in International Development Policy from Duke University and Interdisciplinary Education from Santa Clara University.

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