Dell, Intel, and Government Experts Salute VSee at Global mHealth Briefing on Capitol Hill

On Wednesday, December 3, Intel, Dell, and the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) hosted a congressional briefing. This event focused on ways that innovation and policy reform can improve local and global responses to emerging health crises such as Ebola in Nigeria.

Dell presentation on telehealth

More than 50 leaders from government, think tanks, media, and the health care industry gathered for the event. According to the organizers’ briefing book: “Telemedicine provides an opportunity to treat patients while limiting exposure for health workers.” This technology “provides a decentralized approach that can be deployed quickly to hot spots where local hospitals are overwhelmed.”

Dell Roundtable

Matt Phillips, Vice President of Strategy and Development at Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, spoke on the technology and innovation panel. He focused on VSee and our telemedicine kit, pointing out that VSee has created “promising technology to more fully and efficiently address emergency response,” not only in West Africa, but also in villages of the Amazon rainforest and in Iraqi Kurdistan. It goes to show that when technology and policy leaders work together, they can accomplish a lot of good in the world.

Congressional Briefing

Additional participants included:

Steven VanRoekel
Chief Innovation Officer, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Justin Rattner
President, Intel Foundation
Intel corporate vice president and Intel Senior Fellow

Dean Garfield
President and CEO, Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

Robert Atkinson
President, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Erin Mershon
Technology Reporter, POLITICO Pro

Farley Cleghorn, MD
Chief Knowledge Officer and Global Health Practice Leader, Futures Group

All of us here at VSee are honored by the acknowledgment of our efforts in global mHealth.

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