NYDLA podcast: VSee CEO Talks Telemedicine Predictions, Barriers

VSee CEO, Milton Chen
VSee CEO Milton Chen talks all about telemedicine, where it’s at and where it’s going in this NYDLA Coffee in the Clouds podcast. Check it out!

What does telemedicine look like today? (2:01)
We’re right at inflection point where things are about to explode…

How is it specifically different from how it was done in the past? (2:35)
It’s much cheaper and much simpler…

What would you say is a technology blocker or impediment to telemedicine? (3:35)
Very low cost mobile devices…

Where do you see telemedicine being most beneficial? (4:40)

Are there certain areas of specialty that get more value out of telemedicine? (5:44)

How do you see telehealth reducing costs? Is cost a factor in telehealth? (8:00)
Reducing costs is definitely one of the big factors in there…you can reduce costs in a couple of ways

Are there any new skills needed or required to effectively create relationships via telehealth? (9:30)

There’s an interesting statistic that shows around 64% Americans would be willing to have a video visit with a physician. Studies also show that most providers are remaining reluctant to embrace telemedicine. Why is that? (11:20)

Are the younger physicians embracing telehealth/telemedicine more readily – is age a factor? (13:16)
To say that age is the biggest impact on peoples’ adoption that’s really an excuse for poor design…

If you had one of these reluctant physicians in your office what would you say to them? (15:36)
…it can be just as effective, even sometimes more effective than in person.

What do healthcare providers need to do on a global basis to make telemedicine successful? (16:43)
First…take your time and trial the different systems out there…

What direction do you think telemedicine will grow? (18:09)

What do think people will be talking about in 2016? (19:02)


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