OpenTok Drops Free 1-on-1 Video Calls

OpenTok by Tokbox
It may be time to give VSee group video chat a whirl now that OpenTok (WebRTC version) 1-on-1 calls are no longer free.  Not only are VSee 1-on-1 calls always free, even group video calls are always free.
OpenTok is now requiring everyone to pay at least 50 bucks a month for their service. This does get you unlimited 1-1 minutes, but only if you always make a direct peer-to-peer connection, according to a recent Quora answer post by TokBox Developer Evangelist Ankur Oberoi.
The caveat, he notes is
“You should also be aware that for ~8% of connections around the world, peer-to-peer is not possible because of symmetric NATs and firewalls. If you want to support everyone, even in a 1:1 scenario, you will need to rely on using minutes. You get 10K minutes a month at the minimum $50 level.”  If you think you’ll need more minutes, you might want to check out all the other OpenTok price tiers here. Note that for group video calls, you do get charged for the minutes used on each video stream (i.e. each caller) during the call.
So why not give VSee free videoconference a try – after all, it’s no money out of your pocket 🙂
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