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Neurologist Using Telemedicine to Transform Epilepsy Care in Underserved Countries

Dr. Peter London* is a neurologist with a mission: to transform epilepsy care in underserved countries. And he’s doing this with the help of telemedicine and telehealth technology. Many patients with epilepsy in these countries are are misunderstood and face social stigma. They are considered crazy or supernaturally afflicted, and often do not…

VSee Announces Free Screen Sharing For Students

We’re happy to announce unlimited free screen sharing for students! We hope you’ve been taking advantage of VSee’s free group video calling for everyone. If you are a student you can now also get unlimited free screen share.  Just sign up for VSee using your .edu email as you VSee…

VSee for Paso A Paso Online Language Learning

Case Study: Paso a Paso

In a lesson that lasts 45 to 50 minutes, Pablo or one of the four instructors will establish an audio and video link (80% of their students have webcams), gesture and talk in Spanish. They also make extensive use of the screen sharing to present images to illustrate concepts, and…

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