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Google Hangouts High Bandwidth Issues Solved…Sort of

Google+ Hangouts is trying to be more bandwidth-friendly with its new bandwidth slider and audio-only features. This is welcome news for those on 3G, Wifi, DSL, or otherwise slow Internet who have had a hard time jumping into a Hangout. In particular, bandwidth limitations can be a problem for people…

Why Google Hangouts Dropped Vidyo For WebRTC

Updated July 9, 2014 So Google really has dropped the Vidyo plugin for Hangouts as it switches over to its VP8 video codec. It’s still not on WebRTC, although it’s surely getting there.  On dev versions of Chrome, Google Hangouts is now plugin-less. In my article on VSee vs. Google+ Hangouts, I…

Video Call Connoisseur’s Review of Google+ Hangouts