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Zoom Is Not HIPAA Compliant (updated on Feb 1, 2015 – Zoom will now sign BAA)

Please see VSee CEO Milton Chen’s comment below for update on Feb. 1, 2015 . Zoom, an online web meeting provider, has been marketing as itself as a telehealth solution. However, if you’ve done your HIPAA homework, it’s clear that Zoom isn’t ready for telemedicine. First, Zoom copied its HIPAA…

Video Conferencing and HIPAA

If you’re confused about HIPAA law, or you need to know if VSee is HIPAA-compliant, or you just want to know what’s all the fuss about HIPAA, VSee has done the legwork for you distilling the relevant information into our HIPAA page.  We’ve answered your questions about: Is VSee HIPAA…

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