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5 Healthcare SEO Tips to Win New Patients

Healthcare SEO is an essential way for providers to improve their foot traffic by improving their internet traffic. More than 70% of first-time visitors find their providers through a search engine. That means search is going to be crucial in obtaining new patients. Continue Reading…

Top 4 Questions for Evaluating a Telemedicine Vendor

Google “telemedicine,” and you’ll pull up any number of telemedicine vendors. The problem is figuring out which telemedicine vendor is right for you. You want to find a vendor with both the technical expertise and the feature set you need. It’s also wise to consider whether a vendor is dedicated to the healthcare…

How To Record A VSee Session and Presentation

VSee allows you to record the individual speakers’ videos when in a call.  Just go to your VSee address book and select Tools–>Record, give the video files a name, and you’re good to go. Files are saved to your local disk so there is no need to worry about recording…

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