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VSee Brings Health Interpretation Services to Burmese Refugees

The young Burmese mother had given up trying to communicate with doctors and nurses through the hospital’s occasional face-to-face interpreter.  She had been in the hospital with her sick 18-month-old baby for several days and was overwhelmed with frustration at being unable to express her concerns and to understand what was happening.  Fortunately,…

NIH Successfully Uses VSee For Medical Interpretation Over 3G Networks

While videoconferencing carts (H.323 standard definition) are supposed to be portable and easy to use, this isn’t necessarily the case. It becomes quite an inconvenience if the unit regularly needs to be set up in a room that is off its network, like the interpretation office of this study. The…

Top Four Ways Providers Use Video for Better Health Care

Radiology Consultation at Stanford Hospital One of the major applications of real-time video is delivering expertise at a distance. There are few areas where this is more important than health care. We’ve been finding that quite a few of our customers are using video in health care applications that connect doctors…

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