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VSee Celebrates OneClick with iFly

Telemedicine is very hot right now, and vsee OneClick virtual waiting room is the perfect product 🙂  The VSee team took half a day off to chill with some indoor skydiving. Have a look at our team having fun!  

Team Building: A Lesson From Rugby

Someone had asked earlier what team building exercises VSee does.  My initial reaction was “we don’t,” because we don’t really do ropes courses or packaged team building retreats, but I realized that one of the most important team building exercises we do is the daily stand-up meeting.  Jason Yip of Thoughtworks…

Why Team Building Retreats Don’t Improve Team Work

In a study of virtual teams, Stanford management science professor Pamela Hinds found that 6 months after virtual team members participated in an intense week-long team building retreat there was zero correlation to their ability to work together.  Hinds believes that in order to increase a group’s relational coordination or ability to…