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VSee – Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before

Guest Post – Anthony Watkins is Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Toney Watkins Company, a hospitality and entertainment company, currently developing international theme park resorts. In early September of 1966, I sat with my brothers in front of our family’s television set watching this new show that was premiering on…

VSee vs. GoToMeeting Case Study

Taylor Engineering has been using VSee for years to keep its remote team members happy and productive. It’s been a great alternative to WebEx and GoToMeeting. There is just something about the being able to see people’s faces that really “breaks down barriers” and “improves communication compared to the phone”…

Blue Jeans Adds Mobile Endpoints

Blue Jeans Network, with approximately $50M in venture capital funding, announced their new mobile integration with iPhone and iPad last week.  They also expanded their enterprise offerings through a new partnership with video conference vendor TelyLabs which sells bargain room video conference setups using HD flat panel screens and Skype…

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