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Live Free

Announcing VSee’s Do-It-Yourself Telepresence Over 4G Wireless

VSee Inspires The Himalayan Community

Last month Milton had a chance to tell VSee’s story to the Bay Area Nepali community and to show how it’s making a difference in developing countries.

Video Conference In Your Web Browser?

I was chatting with one of our developers, Rishi, trying to understand why would Google want to opensource the full audio and video stack they acquired when they bought GIPS (i.e. give away perfectly good code that they spent plenty of money to purchase).  He explained that one reason is…

Update For VSee Release 721 Is Now Available

What’s new? Fixed connecting issue to directory (cannot call after directory restart) Fixed an audio bug in Automatic Quality Control Fixed crashes Thanks for your hard work development team!

Video Calling Going Mobile?

VSee’s Organizational Structure (Humor)

This was my unartistic take on VSee’s “corporate” structure (I don’t think we’re big enough to be corporate) after seeing Manu Cornet‘s hilarious comic Organizational Charts, picturing the organizational structures of major companies like Facebook and Google. Guess which one is Milton 🙂

Inspiring Words from a VSee Mom

Do You Have Collaboration Velocity?

Last September, Frost & Sullivan came up with a new way to measure the “collaborativeness” of  visual collaboration technology.  It looks like a plug for Magor Telecollaboration dressed in pseudo-scientific language to me; but, it does suggest a quantitative way of analyzing whether a collaborative product is worth its return…

VSee is nimble. VSee is quick. VSee is your collaboration wish.

Over the last few weeks of working at VSee, I’ve been realizing that VSee is more than just a videoconferencing tool.  It’s a video collaboration tool.  Of course, it can do the things that videoconferencing does, but on a much more dynamic and work-friendly scale.  It’s the difference between a…

Ode To Skype


A New Mantra Of Boredom

“Boredom is necessary for creativity” —Genevieve Bell, Intel Fellow

Cisco WebEx: “Little to no Work-Life Balance”

Helping Haiti on Facebook: Linkin Park, the UN Foundation and VSee

Skype and GoToMeeting, together at last?

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Skype and GoToMeeting (Citrix) are banding together to try and shore up each other’s weaknesses as collaborative business tools.  The former has begun asking $9 a month for group calling but has a limited screenshare and no collaborative tools; the latter charges even…

A Videoconferencing Success Story

I know I’m going to sound cheesy when I say this, but I was really touched and impressed by Sonnenwald et al’s (2002) patience and determination to truly use videoconferencing technologies to increase collaboration.  Even though their action research project was with large groups (30-110 people) in academic institutions, they…

First Impressions and Video

Just in case the last couple posts by Milton seem a little bleak or down on using video, I thought I’d briefly chime in and remind our readers that this is the creator of VSee talking, and that he is actually very pro-video!  That being said, it’s good to look…

Major New Release:

We’re only one month into 2011 and we’re already introducing a major new release of VSee!  There are some significant and exciting changes, so please set your preferences to “automatically update” or just download the new version right here! (And then set your preferences to “automatically update”.) You have to…

Skype 5.0 News: 6 Reasons Redux

Yesterday while I was at a conference Skype announced on their blog that they were dropping the ‘beta’ label from their Mac release, and that group calling would now be a paid feature.  Obviously, I had to respond.  🙂 I have a lot of fun talking about Skype because I…

Why Water Cooler Conversations Are Essential to Work Productivity

During my recent U.K. trip, while doing VSee calls all day long, it was IM and Chatter that I depended on the most to keep in touch with my coworkers.  Those tools in addition to one-click video calling were critical for my informal interactions–those casual conversations that are so important for…