VSee & CEP America Use Telemedicine to Help Iraq Kurdistan Refugees

VSee is humbled to be a part of an effort with CEP America to bring medical expertise to Iraq Kurdistan using telemedicine. It’s especially relevant as this part of northern Iraq faces political unrest and an economic crisis amid threats from the Islamic State. With internal refugees pouring in from areas of fighting the Kurdistan healthcare system is quickly being overwhelmed by the sudden increase of those needing healthcare.

This video shows a live broadcast at this year’s Health 2.0 in Santa Clara. Using VSee secure telemedicine platform, ER specialist, Dr. Rick Newell of CEP America connected with Dr. Shang of Azadi Hospital and her patient in Kurdistan. Her patient is an 11-year-old boy whose home and family were destroyed by ISIS. He escaped to the Domiz refugee camp hundreds of miles away, where Dr. Shang and her colleagues received him. Using VSee, Dr. Newell is able to see the boy’s face and his pulse readings live and to offer recommendations.

We thank Dr. Shang and others who are out on the field providing healthcare in this tough situation.

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