VSee Clinic Release 2.5 – Important Changes for Practice Workflows

Thanks to our design team, in our upcoming release, we’re giving you even more flexibility to manage your VSee Clinic to work the way you do. Not only do we have a cleaner patient details page (see below), we’ve separated the online visit call from other visit actions such as collecting payments and filling out visit notes.

This means more control for you to do telemedicine visits that fit into your established workflow. So don’t panic if you can’t find the “Complete Visit” button. You no longer need this to finish your visit. Please look over the new workflow features to see how make your next telehealth visit a successful one.

Please contact support@vsee.com if you have any questions or feedback.

telemedicine software dashboard

VSee Clinic new patient details page

1. New location for video call and chat buttons

We’ve moved the buttons below the patient’s image to provide a more intuitive experience. They still serve the same function as the old video call and chat buttons – they just look better.

telemedicine provider dashboard VSee


2. Updated Visits Tab – Wait Status

Save clicks with the updated Visits Tab.  Get everything you need to know about a patient’s visit in one place – wait time, intake, notes, payment status.  No more clicking back and forth between the Dashboard (patient queue) and Patient Details page to see if your patient is ready and waiting.

telemedicine provider dashboard


3. Updated Visits Tab –  The Check Out Button

The new Check Out button gives you more flexibility in ordering your workflow by allowing you to remove patients from the waiting room once they’ve finished talking to everyone in your workflow. This means you can end the video call with a patient without marking the visit as complete. This allows you to come back later to finish up your posts-visit notes or resolve previous invoice issues.

telemedicine provider dashboard VSee


4. Updated Visits Tab – Organized Visit Tasks

Can’t keep track of all the tasks you need to complete before closing out a visit? We’ve organized visit tasks into separate tabs so you can clearly see what needs to be done whether it’s getting intake, filling in notes, or taking payment.

telemedicine provider dashboard VSee

5. Reminder Box for Open Visits

To make sure that you don’t forget to submit a payment request or send the post-visit summary, we’ve added a “Reminder” box located on the right side of your dashboard. It lists all open visits with pending tasks.
telemedicine provider dashboard VSee
And that’s it for this release update. Let us know how you like the greater flexibility of these new features. Ping us on VSee or email us at support@vsee.com. We always love to hear from our users!

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