VSee Clinic Release 4.8.0 – New Dashboard & Multi-hosted Visits

Get smoother, faster telehealth delivery and management with the release of VSee Clinic 4.8.0


1. New Redesigned Provider Dashboard

The new dashboard clarifies patient and meeting status to improve your triage capability and front office coordination so you get a smoother virtual care delivery experience.

  • Grouped by visit – Callers will be grouped by visit, so your care team can clearly see who is part of which call. This includes any online guests & dial-in participants who come in through the Guest Invite link.

  • Assigned host – We’ve created a new “assigned host” section, so you can easily see which providers have been assigned to a visit.
    Once a provider calls or sends a chat to a participant, he or she will automatically be assigned as the visit host.
    If the visit is a walk-in without an assigned host provider, you’ll see the field marked as “No Host”.

  • Group Call Button – Start a group call without having to add callers one by one. What a time saver!
    *Note: This is available for scheduled group appointments only.

Schedule Button –  This lets you directly fill out a “New Meeting” form on the Scheduling page so you can save clicks when scheduling a new appointment.

Feedback Button – Easily tell us how you feel about the new dashboard or suggest a new feature with the new feedback button on the bottom left.

2. How to Switch Back to the Old Dashboard

Need more time to get used to the New Dashboard? No problem! Conveniently switch between the old and the new dashboard with a few clicks.

Just click your profile and select “Switch to old Dashboard” from the dropdown menu.

To go back, click the notification bar “Try New Dashboard UI” at the top at any time.


3. New! Multi-hosted Appointment Visits*

*Note: This feature may not be turned on in your Clinic. Please contact your account executive or help@vsee.com to learn more about how to enable this feature.

Sometimes you need multiple providers to co-host a visit. You can now do this with scheduled appointments only. We’ve added functionality so when you create an appointment, you can add as many co-host providers as you need.

All co-hosts can modify the appointment as needed. They will also have hosting privileges during the video call such as being able to mute-all participants.

When would I use multi-hosted visits?

  • For including a back-up provider on the appointment
  • For automatically notifying a front desk admin if the primary provider becomes unavailable.
  • For other workflows specific to you

How do I add multiple providers to an appointment?

If you have any questions, please contact us at help@vsee.com.

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