VSee Inspires Lynda Gratton’s Hot Spots Movement and the Future of Work

VSee was recently featured by the Hot Spots Movement, a specialist research and consulting team that focuses on building collaborative capability for their clients, and on future-proofing organisations. They are also the brains behind the Future of Work Research Consortium, which gathers thought leaders and innovators around the world to share models, insights, solutions and concerns of  contemporary firms.

VSee’s work in creating collaborative technology to make teamwork simple yet social has been an inspiration to the Hot Spots Movement team:

Recently we were introduced to Milton Chen, PhD and Founder and CEO of VSee, a video collaboration tool aimed at eliminating the need to commute to work.

What fascinates us about Milton? Milton is a true innovator who is good at fast prototyping and at scaling up quickly both of which are important capabilities in the future world of work. He is interested in collaboration and trust and addresses it from a very thought-provoking angle. Also, for Milton and his colleagues VSee has grown to be about more than enabling distance working.

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