VSee with GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt

Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman and CEO

Milton and Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman and CEO

Milton met with GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt at the GE Minds and Machines 2012 conference last week, where he also rubbed elbows with other leading technologists, business leaders, and academics including Marc Andreessen, Tim O’Reilly and DJ Patil.

Milton shared with Jeff that there are no tools on the market designed specifically for creative people to get things done – tools that augment the creative team process.  For example, WebEx and GotoMeeting are great for sales presentations, while Skype and Google Hangout are great for hanging out with friends and family.  However, If you were to use these tools for getting things done, you would pay a heavy collaboration tax (measured by the number of clicks it takes to do things) – and this tax can lead to huge productivity decreases.

In contrast, VSee makes performing common tasks one click in the creative process  and therefore eliminates the collaboration tax.  The message hit the right note with Jeff who noted that every enterprise has a productivity challenge – and that enterprises which can’t adopt to new productivity tools/processes simply die.

GE, in it is visionary style, is anticipating the future by scoping out partnerships in the Silicon Valley.

Andrew McAfee, "Enterprise 2.0

Milton also met up again with the conference keynote speaker Andrew McAfee (who coined the term “enterprise 2.0”). He and Milton had shared a session at The Atlantic’s Big Science Summit in October, where they talked about enterprise technology, and its impact on the future of work.

jet engine

GE jet engine

It’s amazing that they were able to get this jet engine into a small room for ~80 people!

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