VSee Messenger 4.14.0 Release Breakout Rooms for Group Sessions, Password Change Reinforcement

Try out our new VSee Messenger breakout rooms feature. Split a large group call into multiple small group calls; easily move from group to group to facilitate sessions – available starting May 9th (version 4.14.0).

  • New! Breakout Rooms
  • New! Password Enforcement for Providers

1. Breakout Rooms – Greater flexibility to meet client needs

The breakout rooms feature gives Hosts the ability to move clients into their own private “rooms” during a group session. Hosts can freely move between any breakout room to work privately with a group. Feature highlights for Hosts include:

  • Create multiple breakout rooms
  • Move Hosts and clients between rooms
  • Join rooms at will
  • Delete breakout rooms

Learn how to create and use breakout rooms here.

NOTE: All participants must be updated to VSee Messenger 4.14.0 version in order to use the breakout rooms feature – download available starting May 9, 2022.

Breakout rooms on VSee Clinic in-browser calls will be available shortly after this release.

2. Password enforcement for added security

Implement security best practices and enforce password change compliance with the new VSee Messenger password enforcement feature (for Enterprise accounts).

This feature is only enabled upon request. The password enforcement feature will:

  • Set passwords to expire after 60 days
  • Disallow password reuse
  • Force users to change password
  • Send email reminders at 10 days, 3 days, and 1 day before password expiration

Learn more about password enforcement here.

Note: Please contact your Account Manager to have this feature enabled on your VSee Messenger accounts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at help@vsee.com.
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