VSee Messenger 4.15.0 Update – More Robust Phone Dial-outs with New PIN Pad Option

Introducing VSee Messenger 4.15.0 with the Dial Out PIN keypad feature. Now you can dial out a 10-digit US phone number with an extension number or PIN requirement. This will be available on Friday, August 19th.

New Dial-out PIN Keypad

Having trouble dialing out to providers and interpreters services that require entering a phone PIN or extension number to connect? We’ve just updated our Phone Dial-outs feature with a new PIN Keypad option for a more robust call experience.

During an ongoing video call, Call Hosts now have the option to open a PIN Keypad so they can enter the required PIN number for connecting to a requested interpreter.

  • The Dial Keypad can only be activated after a phone dial-out has been initiated
  • Only the Call Hosts may initiate a phone dial-out to a participant.

Learn more about the Dial-out PIN Keypad feature here.

Bug Fixes

We have also made several bug fixes in this release. The latest code improvements will give you an even better VSee Messenger experience. Upgrade to the latest version today.

If you have any questions or have encountered any issues related to this release, please contact us at help@vsee.com.

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