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A couple of days ago, Milton got to share VSee with sales guru and SalesOpShop CEO Gerhard Gschwandtner.  He was quite impressed with VSee’s

1. Smooth video
2. One click desktop screen sharing
3. Window to window file sharing
4. Recording function with great audio/video sync.

Check out Mr. Gschwandtner’s VSee interview with Milton on how VSee “could be the next big breakthrough for online sales presentations.”

Milton talks about how VSee allows for

  • rapid sharing of desktop items during a sales call
  • better screening of job candidates (seeing vs. resume)
  • providing feedback on a novice sales call
  • recording a master salesperson for training purposes
  • shortening the sales cycle by bringing in remote expertise during a sales presentation and avoiding delays

online sales guru Gerhard GschwandtnerGerhard Gschwandtner is the CEO of SalesOpShop, as well as the founder of Selling Power magazine, the host of the Sales 2.0 conference series, and the author of 14 books on selling, sales management, and sales psychology.  He has trained over 10,000 salespeople and managers and loves exploring the use of new technology and new approaches to selling.  His most recent project, SalesOpShop strives “To be the world’s most dynamic sales improvement site, where members help shape the future of selling and sales technology.

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