VSee Telehealth Beats Vidyo, Polycom, Cisco at ATA

VSee telemedicine ATAVSee was a smashing success at this past weekend’s ATA show in Austin, TX. With a truly innovative approach to video conferencing, VSee telehealth completely stole the show from Polycom, Cisco, and Vidyo. The excited crowds kept the VSee team so busy throughout the entire conference that the team barely had time to grab a bite to eat, crashing on the ATA exhibit hall couches at the end of the day.

During the conference, several speakers gave great talks about the impact of VSee telehealth on their work.  Dr. Stephen Minton, Chief of Neonatology at Utah Valley Medical Center and Director of Newborn Services for Intermountain Healthcare demonstrated their innovative use of VSee for their neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) renovation. Randy Robertson, disaster response and telemedicine specialist highlighted the importance VSee’s amazing low-bandwidth for his humanitarian relief work in developing countries.

VSee was also showcased in the booths of our partners, including InterMountain Healthcare (a 27-hospital network in Utah), CSI (a medical kiosk company), and Brighter Day Health (telepsychiatry and behavioral health).

isolette neonatal care NICU

InterMountain’s NICU using 3 Logitech 920 webcams, a Mac mini, and VSee

VSee telehealth Neonatal ICU (NICU)

The remote view of the NICU – note the camera placements for the 3 HD videos.

VSee’s software-only video conference is proving to be a perfect fit for telehealth.  A simple, consumer-friendly video chat that requires no servers, works over spotty networks in rural areas, and streams faces and medical device images simultaneously, VSee is filling a gap in the telemedicine space for an easy medical video chat that lets doctors just be doctors without having to be IT.

VSee telepsychiatry demo

VSee based healthcare kiosk

CSI – medical kiosk

VSee captivates ATA crowd

VSee captivating the ATA crowd

VSee no Skype tee

Struggling with Skype?

VSee Team at ATA show