VSee + PTZOptics Remote PTZ Camera Control for Telemedicine

VSee and PTZOptics have partnered together to provide remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera control for PTZOptics USB cameras. This new UVC compatibility integration allows VSee video conferencing software to control the PTZOptics camera operation using the same USB connection you use for video. This is the simplest way to deploy high quality telemedicine systems for doctors and clinicians – with far end camera control built directly into the simple VSee interface.

Both USB 3.0 models from PTZOptics (12X-USB and 20X-USB) are now officially compatible with VSee’s HIPAA compliant video conference platform. So now you can easily build your own low-cost telestroke or telemedicine cart. With VSee’s remote PTZ camera control functionality and a PTZOptics USB camera on a cart, nurses and clinicians can roll the telemedicine video conferencing equipment up to any patient that needs a evaluation from an off site specialty doctor. Because the PTZ camera controller is built directly in the VSee interface, it gives the off site doctor more control over the evaluation experience, especially in cases where the patient cannot be moved.

This is also ideal for simulation labs where an educational instructor can perform a “Virtual Tour” of the room without the need for expensive camera control systems or additional control cabling such as RS-232 or RS-485.

PTZoptics remote ptz camera control

The ability to see more detail via panning and zooming is crucial in telemedicine as doctors continue to push the boundaries of healthcare.  The engineering work done by PTZOptics and VSee make telemedicine easier and more affordable to deploy. Indeed, UVC camera control is ideal for the telemedicine and telehealth market for it’s simplicity, ease of use and affordability. PTZOptics now has UVC support built into every USB model, and you will see UVC control being used by more and more video conferencing software providers in the future.

VSee is the Telemedicine and Telehealth industry’s most talked about new service. It makes telemedicine services available to millions of patients and organizations around the world including Walgreens, Shell, MDLIVE, International SOS, and  DaVita. It is also the only telemedicine video platform being used by NASA on the International Space Station!