VSee Speaking at Pulmonary Horizons COPD Conference

Pulmonary Horizons Conference COPD

VSee will be well represented at this year’s Pulmonary Horizon’s Conference on COPD this weekend in San Diego, CA. And two of them will be guest speakers.

On Saturday, August 16, our CEO Milton Chen will join a group of technology leaders on a panel called “New Products versus New Technology.”

Then on Sunday, August 17, Becky Wai, our Director of Telehealth, will appear on the panel “Telehealth for Treatment & Management.”

Milton and Becky will talk about how VSee’s applications can be used for chronic care, remote monitoring, and to reduce hospital readmissions. Both panel discussions will be interactive with opportunities for the audience to ask questions. This event will be a great forum for discussing the telemedicine’s role in preventing and curing diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

COPD is a serious lung condition that makes it difficult to breathe. Two common types of COPD are bronchitis and emphysema. With COPD, the lungs are blocked and thus do not function properly.

Pulmonary Horizons is the first-ever conference of its kind, bringing together health and technology experts from around the country to improve treatment for patients with COPD.