VSee Rocks ATA 2019 – A Letter from VP of Products

MAVEN Project and VSee at ATA
Hi Team,

Milton (CEO), Becky (VP Sales & Marketing) and I were at the American Telehealth Association (ATA) annual conference last week. It is by far my favorite conference. We have built so many great relationships with our customers and partners over the years at ATA. It’s also a joy to stay connected with the growing telehealth community and to hear updates from each other.

We have built so many great relationships with our customers and partners over the years at ATA

Who Is Seeking Out VSee?

This year we were pretty much 100% occupied and talking to people non-stop the entire time. I switched to my sneakers by Monday and my feet still hurt.

We had tons of people come to us through word of mouth just because of our reputation. Our existing customers came by to say hello, and to tell other prospects that we are the best. Several leads were referred by ATA organizers who were leaders in the telehealth space.  We were also getting prospects from our awesome partners at the show:


Many people were just frustrated with their current vendor and came to us because they had heard of VSee somewhere.

What Sets VSee Above Other Telehealth Platforms

This is what I heard from people are our strengths and sets our products above others:

  1. Ease of use – Several people watched my demo and commented “Oh that’s so simple. I get it.” Unlike many popular platforms like Simple Practice which is anything but simple.
  2. Flexibility – Our flexibility is important, too. People love that we can easily configure clinics to turn on or off options like walk-in versus scheduling, customizing intakes, etc. It makes it easier to add telehealth to their workflow and less disruptive.
  3. Innovative – We are always working with new cool device companies. This year it was Vuzix and their AR smart glasses). It shows people that we are forward looking and not some old corporate that’s happy to stagnate.
  4. We care – We’re genuinely nice people to work with, and we want to help people solve real problems. Our work with projects like MAVEN volunteer physician network  and Iraq refugees lets people know that doing something meaningful matters to us and helps us to build trust and long-lasting relationships.

What We Still Need To Improve

There were a few comments that brought my attention to some of our weaknesses as a company:

We need to do a much better job at keeping everyone updated on our products. We have such a clean, powerful product, but customers are not always aware of what it can do, what are our latest features are, and how they can take advantage of them. I have existing customers who came to our booth to ask questions about our products because they couldn’t easily get to the answers through our regular channels.

Go Go VSee Team

We have come a long way in our products and as a company. BUT we have so much more room to grow. Team, what can we do to make a bigger impact on how health is delivered in the US…and around the world? How can we do our jobs better? How can we serve our customers better and make doing telehealth an everyday experience? How can we take VSee to the next level together!  GO TEAM VSEE

Cofounder and VP of Products & User Experience

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