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VSee Rocks ATA 2019 – A Letter from VP of Products

Hi Team, Milton (CEO), Becky (VP Sales & Marketing) and I were at the American Telehealth Association (ATA) annual conference last week. It is by far my favorite conference. We have built so many great relationships with our customers and partners over the years at ATA. It’s also a joy…

VSee Multi-Language Support Preview

You asked for it and now it’s here. Coming up in our next release – Arabic, Greek, Chinese… all languages supported on Windows text chats! *Mac already has multi-language support 🙂

VSee Tip #1 – Shortcuts for Arranging Your Video Windows

Unlike most video conference services, VSee gives you tons of control over how you want to display your video windows. Click on the icon with the four tiles in the top right corner of your video window for the “Arrange Video Windows” menu (pictured above).  Better yet, try these easy…

Top 5 Ways To Use The VSee Invite Link

Today, we have some VSee tips on using the VSee invite link (a.k.a. VSee invite open URL).  The invite link is a handy little web link that can take the work out of adding contacts to your address book.  Instead of always having to directly send an invite from the…