VSee in Gabon – Albert Schweitzer Hospital 100 Years Legacy

VSee telemedicine kit in Gabon jungleEric has had a crazy and amazing week bringing the VSee telemedicine suitcase into the jungles of Gabon. He has been setting up VSee satellite calls to bring Harvard doctors and Albert Schweitzer Hospital doctors face to face virtually for telehealth consultations.  And he has been training medical staff to use the VSee telemedicine kit. He also had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a Lambaréné, Gabon (where the hospital is located) as it celebrates the hospital’s 100 year anniversary to honor the legacy of Nobel Laureate, Albert Schweitzer and and inaugurates the new Centre Hospitalier Universitaire International Albert Schweitzer à Lambaréné. The Albert Schweitzer Centennial even brought the President of Gabon out to Lambaréné just for the occasion!

VSee telemedicine village checkVSee remote ultrasound village visitVSee telemedicine kit provides remote ultrasound on a village visit.

VSee to connect Harvard to HASVSee satellite call for a video telemedicine consultation between Dr. Jean-Daniel at the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Gabon and Dr. Sarosh Rana at Harvard’s Beth Israel in Boston.

Schweitzer hospital waits for Gabon presidentpresident of Gabon visits hospitalLambaréné celebrates Albert Schweitzer CentennialAlbert Schweitzer Centennial drummingAlbert Schweitzer Centennial dancer

President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba waving

There goes the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, waving!

Schweitzer med students watch gala

Albert Schweitzer Hospital med students watching the Centennial Symposium celebrations streaming live from the capital city of Libreville via satellite.

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