VSee Tip for Windows – Adding Contacts (after July 7, 2015)

Say good-bye to “Add Contact” in your menu (VSee Windows users).
VSee’s new streamlined Windows address book makes it easier to search and add contacts to your contact list.

Just search for the contact you want to add in the search bar. If they are already a VSee user, they will appear in your address book. You can then either send them a quick chat or add them to your contact list right from the address book.

VSee add contact

If they are not an existing VSee user, click the “Invite to VSee” button to send them an invite.


To send multiple invites, go to the address book, click Add–>Invite to VSee. In both cases, a separate browser window will pop up and give you the option to send invites directly or copy and paste your open URL link.

VSee invite contacts