How to do telehealth for the elderly: Business models for skilled nursing vs. home care — Lynda Arnold, On Site for Seniors

What are the biggest challenges for making telemedicine work in a Skilled Nursing Facility? For the homebound Assisted Living Facility? How can you make a SNF primary care practice work financially? How can you use telemedicine to improve care for frail elders? Join wound care specialist and On Site for Seniors cofounder, Lynda Arnold, NP, as she discusses the problems of providing telehealth in SNF versus home patients and how their team has implemented their hybrid telehealth model for long-term patient care.

– what are the payment and reimbursement challenges for SNF vs. homebound ALF
– how to create a sustainable hybrid telehealth model for both
– what does a telemedicine set up with multiple sites and facilities look like

About the Speaker

Lynda ArnoldLynda Arnold is the Founder and Board Secretary of On Site for Seniors, providing holistic care services for assisted living facilities, skilled facilities, and home patients. Raised in northern Idaho, Lynda graduated with a Master’s degree in Nursing from Gonzaga University in 2006. She completed her Wound Management training at the University of Washington in 2003 and is board certified in wound care by the WOCNB. Known as a gentle and resourceful provider, Lynda has a passion for caring for frail elders without access to health care. She has over 15 years experience in wound care. Outside interests include gardening, hiking and bicycling.She is also involved in training women for ministry in local churches. More info:



The recording is not available for this webinar because of some technical issues.  You can check out other webinar resources here:

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