VSee + O3b: New solutions to bring flexible telemedicine to emergency response

Pacific telecommunications councilO3b

VSee CEO Milton Chen was recently invited by O3b Networks to speak on emergency communications and telemedicine applications at PTC ‘16, the annual conference of the Pacific Telecommunications Council in Honolulu, HI. O3b is an innovative low orbit satellite operator offering affordable, high-performance broadband designed to reach the “Other 3 Billion” around the world without access to high speed connectivity.

O3b’s high throughput, low latency broadband service is delivered from a unique constellation of medium-orbit satellites. These satellites, which orbit at less than half the height of traditional satellite carriers, provide super high-quality connectivity – up to 1.6 Gbps and with less than 150 msec delay. Their customers include telcos and internet providers in demanding geographies, like the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Madagascar, East Timor, Papua New Guinea and oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. After less than a year and a half in service, O3b is already the largest bandwidth provider in the Pacific region — where fiber internet just isn’t feasible — as well as to the cruise industry — where each O3b-equipped ship for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has more bandwidth than the rest of the cruise industry combined.

With the groundbreaking ability to deliver true broadband anywhere in the world, O3b is a natural fit for VSee’s telemedicine solutions. With O3b’s services, VSee doctor-in-a-box telemedicine kits and medical device streaming capabilities can be used anywhere in the world whether it’s a telemedicine clinic in rural Haiti, an eye camp in Iraq, or triage on a disaster field. This collaboration will prove useful in the emergency response space, where humanitarian field teams traditionally struggle for connectivity, and affected communities are often left without any bandwidth at all for weeks.

The discussions at PTC ’16 highlighted our growing belief that communities should have the tools to act as their own first responders. This demand will be a major theme of the UN Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May.

VSee is excited to be part of a community exploring new solutions and looks forward to doing new projects with O3b. 

You can check out slides from presentations by Dr. Milton Chen and O3b’s Director of Government Solutions, Jack Deasy here.