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VSee Waiting Room Update Version 4.2.2 – Various fixes and new enhancements

Good news for our VSee Waiting Room users! We just released an updated  waiting room, version  4.2.2. What’s new: – Add action log for user status change – Add cross to close the launch modal and trigger the event – Add filter fields for Insights tab for event log –…

VSee Update Version 3.2.3 – Various fixes

We are pleased to announce that VSee has released an update for Windows, Mac and Android April 27, 2016. iOS will soon follow. This update will install automatically to the following versions: Windows (3.2.3) Mac (3.2.3) iPad (3.4.3) iPhone (2.0.3) Android (1.6.3): List of changes: All Platforms Updated cryptography library to…

NSA Fishbowl: Secure Communication With Android Phone

Video Calling Going Mobile?

“Technology must be self-evident.”

Phones aren’t phones—call anyway!

It may not be official, but if you’ve been suspicious that people in their twenties and younger aren’t picking up their phones, you’re right.  There’s a ton of anecdotal evidence to support this (such as this recent ZDnet article).  I started really thinking about this two years ago when I…