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How Telepsychiatry Will Revolutionize the Emergency Room

telepsychiatry Most ERs do not have a psychiatrist on staff, and yet one-eighth of all hospital emergency visits require mental health diagnoses. Most emergency rooms are set up to deal with physical emergencies, traumatic injuries, and acute conditions. They’re not so ready to deal with psychiatric emergencies such as bipolar or…

Is Emergency Telemedicine Failing Because We’re Using the Wrong Technology?

This post was contributed by Richard Fury, a longtime health expert, formerly of Kaiser Permanente. Mr. Fury shared his take on why ambulatory doctors should adopt emergency telemedicine. — the editors Telemedicine is the low hanging fruit in the quest for affordable healthcare. There are valid reasons why ambulatory doctors must adopt emergency telemedicine. Surveys…

Emergency Medicine Needs to Get on Board with Telemedicine

VSee headed out to ACEP14 conference ready to show emergency physicians how easy it was to do telemedicine with VSee’s simple OneClick Waiting Room and Medical Cloud Office. We were surprised to find that very few emergency medicine physicians at ACEP were interested in doing telemedicine. Despite recent HRSA grants for tele-emergency…

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