Emergency Medicine Needs to Get on Board with Telemedicine

VSee team at ACEP14

VSee headed out to ACEP14 conference ready to show emergency physicians how easy it was to do telemedicine with VSee’s simple OneClick Waiting Room and Medical Cloud Office. We were surprised to find that very few emergency medicine physicians at ACEP were interested in doing telemedicine. Despite recent HRSA grants for tele-emergency pilots, for most part, the emergency medical field sees telemedicine as a nice idea for the distant future.

If you are an emergency physician, looking to get a head start on telemedicine, now is the time! The days of expensive, complicated telemedicine set ups are over. With VSee, telemedicine can be as simple as taking 1 minute to download the VSee software. The VSee OneClick Waiting Room with patient queueing, in-take forms, and call forwarding is perfect for urgent care walk-in workflow, and the Telemedicine Kit is specially designed for disaster relief and remote field work. In fact, VSee is being used now to help contain the Ebola virus, to do tele-surgery, and to perform neonatal resuscitation.

Contact us to find out how you can start doing telemedicine in less than a day.

VSee demo OneClick Waiting Room

VSee OneClick Waiting Room call forwarding

Call forwarding

VSee OneClick Waiting Room Patient Queue

patient queue

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