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Neurologist Using Telemedicine to Transform Epilepsy Care in Underserved Countries

Dr. Peter London* is a neurologist with a mission: to transform epilepsy care in underserved countries. And he’s doing this with the help of telemedicine and telehealth technology. Many patients with epilepsy in these countries are are misunderstood and face social stigma. They are considered crazy or supernaturally afflicted, and often do not…

HealthPartners Chooses VSee For Telehealth Partner: A Case Study

If you’re looking for ways to connect providers and staff at a distance, check out this case study on one of  our telehealth projects for HealthPartners. It showcases a scalable telemedicine solution we designed for Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. The solution allows Regions to share their top-notch specialist resources with a neighboring…

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