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ER Telepsychiatry – Rudolfo Zaragoza & Kimberly Lopez (Vituity)

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Bringing Telepsychiatry to SNFs- Jen Amis (Encounter Telehealth)

Jen Amis is President & CEO of Encounter Telehealth, a behavioral healthcare provider offering behavioral healthcare services to long term care communities.  Previously, she founded and managed Statim, a telehealth company providing remote patient monitoring services.  Jen has more than 20 years of management experience in telecommunications, venture capital and healthcare. She earned a…

Get Full Medicare Reimbursement in the Skilled Nursing Facility

Every skilled nursing facility must abide by rules set by Medicare, particularly when it comes to Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations, or PAHs. In fact, Medicare will soon be changing its reimbursement policy so that if a patient is readmitted to a hospital after a short stay in skilled nursing, the facility is…