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10 Unexpected Pitfalls of Telehealth Home Care for Seniors

For chronic disease patients receiving home care, telehealth is a gamechanger. And the number of these patients are expected to explode as the Baby Boomer generation ages. While the acceptance of technology by seniors has been the biggest concern of those who want to do telehealth with them, the truth…

Neurologist Using Telemedicine to Transform Epilepsy Care in Underserved Countries

Dr. Peter London* is a neurologist with a mission: to transform epilepsy care in underserved countries. And he’s doing this with the help of telemedicine and telehealth technology. Many patients with epilepsy in these countries are are misunderstood and face social stigma. They are considered crazy or supernaturally afflicted, and often do not…

Apollo Hospitals Establishes Telemedicine in the Himalayas

Thirteen thousand feet above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains, Apollo Hospitals has set up one of the highest telemedicine stations in the world! This government-assisted project, known as the Himachal Pradesh Telehealth Services Project, aims to make quality healthcare more accessible to the people of this remote region of…

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