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VSee Release 121 – Updated API

Please make sure you are on the latest version of VSee: Windows version (19918) Mac version 2.7.3 (19918) iPad 2.9.3 (19918) iPhone 1.5.3 (19918) Android 1.1.3 (19918) Changes for Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows: Updated VSee API support for call analytics

VSee Update 528 – Patch for API

We just released last night a patch release for Mac and Windows fixing a crash affecting some API users. Update your VSee to the following: Windows version: (18491) Mac version: 2.4.1 (18491) Special thanks to James for the quick fix!

VSee and MDLIVE at the AHIP Conference

VSee and MDLIVE teamed up at the AHIP Institute 2013 last week to help spread word of the exciting things that are happening in this rapidly transforming health care marketplace. For the VSee and MDLIVE partnership, this means showing off our awesome telehealth platform to deliver a seamless and complete healthcare experience to…

Why Google Hangouts Dropped Vidyo For WebRTC

Updated July 9, 2014 So Google really has dropped the Vidyo plugin for Hangouts as it switches over to its VP8 video codec. It’s still not on WebRTC, although it’s surely getting there.  On dev versions of Chrome, Google Hangouts is now plugin-less. In my article on VSee vs. Google+ Hangouts, I…

OpenTok Customers – We’ll Pay You To Switch VSee

 OpenTok customers, it’s the perfect time to find an alternative! Need an OpenTok alternative?  With OpenTok going through acquisition changes, now is a good time to start exploring other options.  You never know how things will change under the new boss. VSee invites you to switch to our simplest video…

IBM Connections VSee Plugin Makes Video Conference Simple

Link: VSee integration with IBM Connections [VIDEO] VSee’s simplest one-click video conferencing and screen share is better than Skype, and you can use it right from your IBM Connections platform without any hoo-hah.  Make your virtual teams more productive and social.  Effortlessly put a live face to presentations, meetings, and work sessions and build…