VSee and MDLIVE at the AHIP Conference

VSee MDLIVE telehealth portal staff

VSee and MDLIVE teamed up at the AHIP Institute 2013 last week to help spread word of the exciting things that are happening in this rapidly transforming health care marketplace.

For the VSee and MDLIVE partnership, this means showing off our awesome telehealth platform to deliver a seamless and complete healthcare experience to patients: VSee provides the easy-to-use, high quality video engine, and MDLIVE brings an extensive physician network with doctors who are available around the clock.

Check out this video to see how VSee-powered MDLIVE works.

Why VSee Video Chat?

Based on Stanford human factors research, VSee is super user friendly and designed for the non-tech savvy.  It lets doctors focus on caring for patients instead of spending valuable time learning to use the technology.  There is no complicated infrastructure, no admin install, and it crosses all firewalls.  This makes it extremely scalable and simple to deploy. VSee is also rich in interactive features such as one-click EMR sharing and medical device streaming so patients can feel like they’re seeing a doctor face to face.  VSee is HIPAA-compliant and FDA-registered.

Easily create your own telehealth platform with VSee’s simple API. It supports complex medical work flows such as virtual waiting room and triage care.  Learn more about VSee API here.

VSee telemedicine EHR-sharing

VSee hack saves the day! The laptop pictured above is sitting on 4 glasses because Milton’s laptop overheated, and we were able to get it working again by sitting the laptop on 4 glasses of ice 🙂 (Btw, Milton believes the CEO should get the worst computer on the VSee team.)

VSee MDLIVE telehealth portal

VSee MDLIVE booth crowds

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