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VSee Beats Skype for Telehealth – myhomehelper for Dementia, Head Injuries, Learning Difficulties

“The auto-answer video calling feature of my software was originally provided by Skype.  However, after years of on-going issues, poor quality calls and finally the removal of a key function with Skype,  I decided to look for an alternative solution. After being disappointed by a couple of other products I…

NASA Moon Walk Simulation Program Depends on VSee

Earth with cloud cover and moon VSee is not only NASA’s only official video platform for astronauts aboard the International Space Station.  It’s also a key tool for the Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE), a university-level modeling and simulation experience of a lunar mission that is spearheaded by NASA.Continue Reading…

VSee User Story: Staying Connected From York University To Kenya and Beyond

What makes VSee a compelling tool? Quality video, ease of use, network cost savings Stephen Otienostiv is a visiting scholar at York University from Kenya. A longtime Skype user, he found that Skype simply couldn’t cut it when it came to video chats with his family back in Kenya. It…

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