Three Keys To Enterprise Success – Prentice Tom, MD, CEP America

Is your telehealth enterprise ready to survive and thrive through the unknown? Healthcare is a highly regulated industry in the midst of big changes. Using lessons from the Asian financial crisis, Bosnia, and Jeet Kune Do, Chief Medical Officer of CEP America, Prentice Tom, delivers a humorous and insightful presentation on the key characteristics a telehealth startup needs to have to succeed. Learn important tips for achieving telehealth success and “breaking into” the digital health landscape.


The rush to grab a share of the digital health market is intense, and it’s not enough to simply “have a great product.” Dr. Tom challenges us to take a deeper look at our businesses and examine if we have the capital and organizational fortitude to survive this telehealth gold rush. He challenges us to ask the tough questions such as “Have you created a Culture worth sacrificing for?” “Do you have a Team that is willing to go the extra mile?” and most importantly “Does your organization have the ability to Aggressively Adapt to the healthcare environment?”


He also reminds us that in order to successfully adapt, we need to really understand what we’re adapting ourselves to: our healthcare customers. Are you aware of the characteristics, limitations, and needs of those working in the healthcare industry? Do you understand you’re working with highly risk-averse, overworked clients and dealing with an industry with fixed revenues and extremely long sales cycles? Have you considered the negative impact that wrong data that may have on the industry? Do you have an exit strategy? Do you have a business development team in place to support your customers over the long haul?

With 17 years of experience as a healthcare executive, growing CEP America from $128M worth of business to $887M worth of business, Dr. Tom leads us through these and other thought-provoking considerations so our organizations can be ready to survive any twist or turn that may be faced in the business of telehealth.




Prentice Tom, MD is Chief Medical Officer at CEP America, overseeing demonstrated performance improvement programs and the development and dissemination of best practices. A noted national speaker, he provides leadership in the areas of risk management, quality, continuing medical education, CMS performance, patient experience, operations flow, data management, and innovation. Dr. Tom oversees a number of quality and performance steering committees, and is the executive sponsor for CEP America’s Administrative Fellowship.


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