VSee Clinic Release 3.0 – New Multiple Providers Gallery for a Better Patient Experience

We are excited to announce a more streamlined clinic design to make your patients’ experience with your VSee Clinic even better.

A New, Cleaner Look for Displaying Multiple Providers In Your Clinic

If you have multiple providers sharing a single waiting room, your patient-facing webpage now displays all your providers in a clean easy-to-scan gallery. 

Clicking on a provider will display the provider’s full profile, so patients can quickly choose their preferred provider.

Patients Can Now Access Most Recent Visit Notes With One Click

In the patient portal, we’ve added a new “Recent Visit” section which includes a direct link to the patient’s most recent visit notes. Just find the “Recent Visits” panel to the right side and click the “Visit Notes” link. Patients may still access past visit notes by clicking on the “Visits” tab for a list of past visits with notes.

Other Improvements and Fixes:

General Users

  • New –  Chat Inbox for a list of past chat conversations (previously released in VC 2.9.1 to some clinics)
  • New – Password reset email will be sent when provider or admin creates new patients via scheduling UI
  • New – Ability to input a fixed amount for visit discounts
  • Update – Enhanced admin report to show more payment details
  • Update – Optimized wording in the patient invitation email

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the layout may be broken in some circumstances
  • Fixed some call logs issues
  • Fixed issue where attachments failed to upload in the intake form
  • Fixed issue where the guest patient cannot sign up after the visit
  • Fixed various UI issues causing improper profile and scheduling web display

[Clinic Admin] Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where a clinic admin cannot add too many values in provider’s Specialties field

Mobile Release: VSee Clinic 1.8 (Android and iOS)

  • New – Automatic pre-fill of the verification code when a patient signs up
  • Fixed – Authorize payment before a visit. Always show payment option screen when patient starts appointment (for clinics with payment)
  • New – Support dial in information for visit
  • New – Support for resuming a visit 
    • Option to resume an active visit on a secondary mobile device 
    • In case of sudden disconnection, resume the same visit without the need to fill out the same intake form and payment screen

We are more than happy to answer questions that you may have about this release. Please contact us at support@vsee.com.