VSee Clinic New Features – Get Paid Easier with Available Funds Verification

We’re excited to announce several new features we’ve added to the VSee Clinic to make doing telemedicine even easier!

1. Review your Clinic’s chat history with the new Chat Inbox (beta)

Getting notifications for chat messages you can’t open? The new Chat Inbox feature lets you quickly see messages from closed chat windows right from your dashboard. You can also access all archived chat conversations from the past 30 days and send new messages from the Chat Inbox.

This new Beta feature is only turned on for select VSee Clinics.If you’d like to Beta this feature, please contact support@vsee.com  

2. Verify Patients’ Available Funds Before Starting A Visit

Patient side: Clients using cards with insufficient funds will see “Payment failed” notice and will not be able to start their video visit

Provider side: See in “Payment” tab whether a patient’s credit card went through before you click “Submit Payment”

VSee Clinic “Payment” will now first verify whether a credit card has sufficient funds before allowing a walk-in or scheduled visit to begin. While patients are still allowed to schedule a visit appointment, they will not be able to actually start the video call until a valid card is entered. 

3.  Turn off Waiting Room “Unread Message” Notifications

Getting too many VSee Clinic email notifications? We’ve added a new “Preferences” tab so you can set exactly which notifications you want to receive (e.g. offline chat notifications, appointment confirmations, reminders, and cancelations).

4. Improved Patient Onboarding from Mobile App

Patients who access your VSee Clinic from their mobile web browser will now see the name and description of your clinic displayed in the browser (left screenshot) before being asked to download the VSee Clinic mobile app (right screenshot).
We’ve also made several other improvements and fixes. If you’d like to see what else has changed, please see below:

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved patient web page loading speed
  • Fixed issue where the provider can’t see the email notification for some of the offline messages
  • Fixed issue where timezone update popup still shows after the timezone is successfully set
  • Fixed issue where health data may not show for provider/patient
  • Fixed issue where the instruction to download VC app doesn’t show

Clinic Admin

  • Fixed issue where clinic reminder settings may be wrong
  • Fixed issue where the “Room Edit” view doesn’t pop up after the admin clones a room

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email or contact us at support@vsee.com.