VSee Clinic 4.14.0 – Switching New Default Dashboard & Invite ASL Interpreters

Get access to the new Dashboard view and invite ASL Interpreters to a Scheduled Visit with our new VSee Clinic 4.14.0 Release this coming October 19.

  • Update – New Default Dashboard
  • Send Uber-like Dispatch to a Specified Pool of Interpreters

Update – New Default Dashboard

We’ve put all the best features of our Clinic Dashboards into our latest Clinic Dashboard version. Get the queuing categories from the Old Dashboard to get more insight into patient queuing status. In addition, get compact views, cleaner visit groupings, in-call controls in this newest Dashboard.

Due to positive user feedback, we will be switching to this New Clinic Dashboard as our default Dashboard moving forward. Use the new default Dashboard to improve your triage capability and front office coordination for a smoother virtual care delivery experience.

You will be able to switch back to the old dashboard until December 31. After that only the new default dashboard will be available.

To switch to the Old Dashboard, simply click on your Name and select Switch to old Dashboard.

To learn more on how to switch your Dashboard version, please click here.

Send Uber-like Dispatch to a Specified Pool of Interpreters

VSee Clinic solves the problem of hunting for and assigning an interpreter with our new Dispatch Scheduling feature. This feature allows users to complete the multiple steps of finding and assigning an interpreter in just two to three clicks.

  1. Send out a single ASL interpreter service request from a scheduled appointment that reaches a specified group of ASL interpreters via email.
  2. Check to see if the request was accepted. The first interpreter to accept the email request will be automatically added to the scheduled visit and receive a confirmation. All other interpreter requests will be automatically canceled and informed that the “job” has been taken.
  3. Option to re-send the request if it has timed out before an ASL interpreter accepted the job.

This feature currently only allows for dispatching to Interpreters.

Please contact Sales or your Account Manager to enable this feature in your Clinic.

To learn more about how to add interpreters to a scheduled visit, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at help@vsee.com.

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