Try VSee Multi-Device Streaming and Remote Camera Control Free for a Limited Time

VSee has some kick-butt properties that make it uniquely suited for healthcare. Two of these are

  • multi-device streaming and
  • far end camera control

These features make it simple and cost-effective for universities, hospitals, urgent care, and telehealth startups to do things like telestroke monitoring, triage for ER / trauma cases, and routine care.

For this month only, you can try out these VSee telehealth features at no extra cost. They are usually only available with a paid subscription at $299 per month. Just download the free VSee app at

Multi-device streaming

This feature allows you to stream multiple video feeds from the same device, which means you can easily do telemedicine from your existing laptop or PC. Simply plug in your USB webcam and USB medical device peripheral, add the auxiliary camera feed from your video window, and you are immediately live-streaming both face and device image at the same time. Use this feature with digital scopes, EKG, ultrasounds, and pulse oximeters.

Windows Instructions

add aux-cam win 1

On Windows, click on the Settings icon at the lower right-hand corner of your video screen

add aux-cam win 2

Select: Add Another Camera and choose from the dropdown menu

Mac Instructions

On Mac, open VSee Preferences, then at top of the window select Video tab. Click the “Add Camera” button.

In the dropdown menu next to where it says “Camera:” you’ll see Aux 1 added as an option you can select.

Far end PTZ camera control

This feature allows a remote provider to control a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera located at the patient’s end. If the remote end is using a PTZ camera, you’ll automatically see the control buttons overlaid on the video window. You can then use the buttons to move the camera left or right, and to zoom in and out, so you can see what you’re looking for without moving the patient! 


You can check out the PTZ cameras we currently support here .

To see how these feature could fit into your organization, get VSee and try it out today!

You can also contact one of our telehealth experts for a demo.

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