VSee Messenger 4.17 Update – Preview and Send Any File Type

We will release VSee Messenger 4.17 on Mar 20. Key features are Send Video and Other File Types, and Preview Before Sending Files.

Previously, when you wanted to send a file with VSee Messenger, you had to select the file thumbnail from your gallery and send it without the chance to confirm whether or not it was the correct file.

In this release, you can now preview each file before sending it out.

Currently, the chat limits you to send an image taken on your camera or an image selected from your gallery.

Now you can send a newly recorded video or select a video file from your gallery. You can also send pdf, txt, docx, csv, and mp3 file types. You can download these files or view them without downloading them at all.

Note: The maximum shareable file size is 30MB.

Bug Fixes on iOS

We fixed the missing chat button when screen sharing.

Don’t forget to upgrade to the latest version on the day of the release. 

If you have any questions or have encountered any issues related to this release, please contact us at help@vsee.com.

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