VSee Tip #3 – What Do the Colored Bars on a Caller’s Window Mean?

VSee tutorial - network barsThe bars on the bottom right of a caller’s video window show you the strength of the network or connection between you and the caller.

  • Green (strong) – great audio and video
  • Yellow  (medium) – possibility of some audio and video interruptions
  • Red  (weak) – likely to have audio and video interruptions

If you have a weak connection and your call keeps breaking up, you can try one of the following to improve the call:

  • Lower the screen resolution – Go to the bottom right of your video window, click gear icon –> video settings –> resolution
  • Decrease the frame rate – Go to the bottom right of your video window, click gear icon –> video settings –> frame rate
  • Completely mute your video – Go to the bottom left of your video window, click the video camera icon

VSee tips video settings menu

If you need more help, contact customer support or sign up for a live VSee webinar help session.

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