VSee New Release 702 – Video Quality Kicked Up Another Notch

VSee update releasePlease note below version number updates as of July 5, 2014.

Giving our users the best quality video is always a top priority at VSee. This latest version of VSee has tuned up our automatic quality control to give you better than ever video quality.  Please make sure your VSee has been updated to

  • Windows version: (18736)
  • Mac version: 2.5 (18736)
  • Mac App Store version: 2.5 (18751) – awaiting approval
  • iPad version: 2.7 (18751) (18736) – awaiting approval
  • iPhone version: 1.3 (18751) (18736) – awaiting approval

*Note: version for Mac client on vsee.com 2.5 (18736) is different from Mac App Store version 2.5 (18751).

Mac and Windows:
  1. Improved performance on video relay calls
  2. Fixed camera setting bugs and improved camera setting options
  3. Improved performance and fixed bugs in video automatic quality control (AQC)
  1. Fixed bug where PTZ controls are not available if sender’s camera is slow on start up
  2. Fixed bug where invite notification shows up on “Find Contacts” unexpectedly.
  1. Fixed crashes on hang up or leaving a group call.
  2. Improved text annotation UX when app sharing.
iPad and iPhone:
  1. Prompts user for microphone permissions on iOS 7.
  2. Fixed dialing status not being aligned when switching orientation. (iPad only)
  3. Added Dutch language localization. (iPhone only)

To see if you are on the latest version of VSee

Windows version (18736)  – Click the Help icon in the address book –>select “About VSee…” and see if it is the newest version. VSee will download the newest client for you (which will show as a checkmark in task tray icon). Simply restart the program to use the updated VSee.

Mac version 2.5 (18736) – Click “VSee” top menu and choose “check for updates.”

Please contact VSee support team if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions!

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