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Charles C. Dunham IV

Top 5 Telemedicine Regulatory Hurdles To Overcome

Need help navigating telehealth laws and regulations so you can run your telemedicine business? Learn the latest on how to handle payment operate across different states and best practices for
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jeremy martinez

Tips to jumpstart your telemedicine program for addiction

Addiction treatment is expected to grow to a $42 billion business by 2020. Like the rest of healthcare, addiction facilities are turning to telemedicine for potential ways to enhance treatment
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Alex Guastella

5 Business Strategies to Grow Your Telehealth Enterprise

How does a healthcare company go from 0 to 200 employees in under 3 years? Meet one of the former driving forces behind its go-to-market strategy and growth execution to
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Ned Thurman,

How To Go From Telehealth Startup To Telehealth Enterprise

What are the key elements to successfully growing a telehealth service? What needs to be in place to go from telehealth concept to telehealth profitability. Ned Thurman, CEO of TeleHealth
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The 4 Decisions That Killed HealthSpot

HealthSpot had it all. A star-studded list of investors and partners including Xerox, Rite Aid, Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and Samsung. So it’s sudden decision to declare Ch.
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Blake Marggraff TFSS

6 Things Telehealth Needs To Learn from Facebook

What is needed to get everyone doing telehealth the way Facebook got everyone sharing online? Young, hotshot CEO of Epharmix, Blake Marggraff is aiming to be the Mark Zuckerberg of
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Robert Kaul, TFSS Conference 16

The 4 Reasons Digital Health is not Ubiquitous— Robert Kaul, CEO CloudDX

Ten thousand Americans turn 65 every day; 400 million people lack access to basic healthcare worldwide; 157 million Americans die of chronic disease every year; and 17 billion in hospital
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10 Unexpected Pitfalls of Telehealth Home Care for Seniors

For chronic disease patients receiving home care, telehealth is a gamechanger. And the number of these patients are expected to explode as the Baby Boomer generation ages. While the acceptance
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5 Hottest Telemedicine Trends of 2017

Wearable devices. ER Telemedicine. Hot startups. What are the most important telemedicine issues and trends that could affect your bottom line? Is the market saturated? How do you position yourself
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Dr Ranya Habash Telehealth conference

How To Set Up Telehealth To Enhance Your Practice

Starting up telehealth services in one of the most highly regulated fields in the US can be like walking a minefield. Join our #TFSS webinar guest Ranya Habash, MD –
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Aneel TFSS webinars

How Value-Based Care Is Changing Telehealth Payment Models

  One of the most frustrating parts of doing telehealth is figuring out how you’ll get paid. Understanding reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid, and private payers is confusing to say the
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Will Texas Kill the Teladoc & AmWell Business Model: Finding a Blueprint for Telemedicine Policy

  The Texas Medical Board (TMB) has been mired in a long-standing lawsuit with Teladoc over regulations restricting the practice of telemedicine. Is this a battle to control telemedicine businesses or
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Michael Rodriguez MD

Top 10 Tips for Making Telehealth work: A Physician Perspective

Need practical tips on how to set up and deploy telemedicine for your clinic or practice? Join this week’s TFSS webinar and learn from the trenches with Dr. K. Michael
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Lacktman TFSS

Demystifying the Telemedicine Triple Threat: Reimbursement, Licensure & HIPAA

Presenter: Nathaniel Lacktman is a partner and health care lawyer with Foley & Lardner LLP with a focus on telemedicine policy and digital health. Payment, physician licensure, patient privacy.  These are
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Glenn Hammack, NuPhysicia

Telemedicine for Obamacare to Trumpcare: Lessons from Wal-Mart & Texas Prisons

Is your telehealth program under utilized? Find out how Texas prisons set up a system that’s now doing 160,000 telemedicine visits a year. Make sure your telemedicine services get used
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