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Dr Josh Luke

Why Health Systems Won’t Thrive Without Telehealth — Dr Josh Luke, April 25, 1-2 pm PST

How do hospitals and health systems stay profitable as they transform to value-based care? What is the role of telehealth? Why is healthcare moving out of hospitals towards home-based care?
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Past Webinars

Bradley Davidsen

Telehealth drug prescribing & the opioid crisis: What every doctor needs to know — Bradley Davidsen

Audio Podcast: How is the opioid crisis changing regulations around online drug prescribing? What are the online prescribing rules that every physician ought to know? Is an in-person exam necessary
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How To Go Viral with Healthcare Innovation — Homero Rivas, MD

Video Podcast Info How can we get innovations in healthcare adopted more quickly? What does it take to cut down the 17-year healthcare adoption cycle? How can we get doctors
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Mark Carol SonaCare CEO

Telesurgery, Telemonitoring, & Immersive Reality — Mark Carol MD, SonaCare Medical

Is remote surgery a growing trend? Are robot-assisted surgeries becoming the norm? Whatever happened to Google Glass? Is da Vinci’s market domination ending this year? Join our next live webinar
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How Will Trump Admin Broadband Policies Hit Telehealth — Craig Settles, Communities for Broadband

Without broadband – high speed internet – there can be no telehealth! Federal, state, and local broadband policy matters. How are telecoms holding your broadband hostage? Will FCC broadband rules,
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Kristi Henderson 2018 telehealth trends

2018 Telehealth Trends You Need To Know — Kristi Henderson, Seton Health

What are the emerging technologies and new regulations that will shape telehealth going into 2018? Anticipate 2018 telehealth trends. What are important lessons we need to learn from 2017? Audio
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Marilyn Crawford HAWA TFSS

Keep health costs down & employees happy: Designing millennial benefits framework — Marilyn Crawford, HAWA

How can you keep health costs down, improve productivity, and still provide competitive benefits for the employee? This week’s Telehealth Failures & Secrets to Success discusses the increasingly important role
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Lynda Arnold

How to do telehealth for the elderly: Business models for skilled nursing vs. home care — Lynda Arnold, On Site for Seniors

What are the biggest challenges for making telemedicine work in a Skilled Nursing Facility? For the homebound Assisted Living Facility? How can you make a SNF primary care practice work
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5 Hottest Telemedicine Trends of 2017 — Logan Plaster and Mark Plaster MD JD, Telemedicine Magazine

Wearable devices. ER Telemedicine. Hot startups. What are the most important telemedicine issues and trends that could affect your bottom line? Is the market saturated? How do you position yourself
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Alex Guastella

5 Business Strategies to Grow Your Telehealth Enterprise- Alex Guastella, Stride and Associates

How does a healthcare company go from 0 to 200 employees in under 3 years? Meet one of the former driving forces behind its go-to-market strategy and growth execution to
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jeremy martinez

Tips to jumpstart your telemedicine program for addiction — Jeremy Martinez MD, Matrix Institute on Addictions

Addiction treatment is expected to grow to a $42 billion business by 2020. Like the rest of healthcare, addiction facilities are turning to telemedicine for potential ways to enhance treatment
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Michael Rodriguez MD

Top 10 Tips for Making Telehealth work: A Physician Perspective — Michael Rodriguez MD, Fairfax Family Practice Centers

Need practical tips on how to set up and deploy telemedicine for your clinic or practice? Here are the top 10 tips for making telehealth work from a physician perspective.
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Randy Parker MDLIVE

What Do Telemedicine, Blockbuster, and Netflix Have In Common?— Randy Parker, MDLIVE

What does the failure of Blockbuster and the success of Netflix have to teach us about succeeding at telehealth?  With his 30 years of experience in the media industry and
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Kristi Henderson 2018 telehealth trends

Telehealth Lessons from a Statewide Deployment — Kristi Henderson, Seton Healthcare Family

Ninety percent of healthcare executives say they have or are starting telehealth programs. Twenty-nine states have policies mandating telehealth reimbursement. Thirty-five percent of employers now offer telehealth. As many as
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Glenn Hammack, NuPhysicia

Telemedicine for Obamacare to Trumpcare: Lessons from Wal-Mart & Texas Prisons

Presenter:  Dr. Glenn Hammack, President at NuPhysicia, Inc. Is your telehealth program under utilized? Find out how Texas prisons set up a system that’s now doing 160,000 telemedicine visits a year.
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Ned Thurman,

How To Go From Telehealth Startup To Telehealth Enterprise

What are the key elements to successfully growing a telehealth service? What needs to be in place to go from telehealth concept to telehealth profitability. Ned Thurman, CEO of TeleHealth
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